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Very Happy

I am very happy with my microneedling pen. I received my order on time. The microneedling pen is very easy to setup and use. All the instructions were included. The pins work so well too. I would happily recommend this website to anyone. This website is genuine and they are very good responding to emails too.
Thank you once again I will be ordering more pins and microneedling pens in the near future

Hair coming back

Research has shown microneedling in conjunction with Minoxidil doubles the effect. I've used it twice in combination with finasteride and minoxidil. My hair has become denser and hairline is slowly increasing, all in the span of a month and using the pen twice.

The pen itself is very convenient and easy to use and I would say it is a worthy investment over things like a dermaroller which is much more clunky and has to be disinfected every time.

Micro needling heaven

Dr Pen is amazing easy to use and see brilliant results, clients love it
Claire _ aesthetics_

Fantastic product.

Exactly as you would expect a high quality product.


Used it 4 times, nano needles are perfect for the beginners but have to repeat weekly. Size 11 needle used once and skin was peeling off my face for about 3 days. Either way skin feels very smooth and plump. I have been using hyaluronic acid and few days after vit C serum and cream for brighter, fresh and youthful look

Salon results

I was excited and scared to try this for the first time so watched a few YouTube videos first, I’m pretty hardy but wouldn’t do this without numbing cream, the results are amazing I’m going to do it once a month


Good quality Dr Penn needler, Genuine product, good customer service, recommenced.


After worrying about buying after so much confusion reading several reviews about different company’s and which to buy from so glad I stubbed across this one my pen arrived today and it’s 100% genuine the price is great compared to others I’m super happy and would say to people buying from her rest assured it is good customer service it great happy shopping;)

Amazing Pen!

Best way to microneedling! So easy to use and very versatile with 2 independent chargers. Amazing product!

Dr. Pen M8
Missy Mcdaniel

I have used the M8 pen twice so far with results similar to those achieved in a salon. I like being able to do the treatment at home when i know i have a few days down time and am looking forward to continuing to improve my scarring and skin texture. The pen is easy to use and is going to save me a lot of money in the long run. Thanks

Dr. Pen A6
Martha Pollock

I have a few scars and so far I’ve tried one session on 2mm depth and the healing process is really amazing and I’m hopeful that after 6-8 sessions I should see great improvement in the appearance of my scars. Thanks 😊

What I like about this product that it's so great and works like miracle. I only used it once so far and I already saw a huge difference on my skin. I can't wait to see the result after using it every month for about 3 months or more. Also its so easy to use, it's almost as if I am giving my skin a facial massage. I just cannot say anything bad about this product beside from a great product and good customer service.

This is by far my favorite micro needling device from Dr Pen. The options are great and the pen itself is lightweight but sturdy at the same time. I haven’t had any issues with the cartridges popping out like with other devices and the even though the batteries charge quickly I like having the wired option.

Dr. Pen X5
Samantha Norris

First time using a needling pen, was easy to use! So far so good. I’m just glad I don’t have to walk out of a clinic all red ever again! This pen lets me do my skin needling bright before bed so no one has to see me looking like a beetroot. Love love love

Dr. Pen M8
Renee Croft

I am really happy with this pen. I have been doing needling treatments in the salon costing me a minifortune every month and never imagined I could do it on myself for a fraction of the price. Both my partner and I have been using this pen for the past two months with very good results. I use it on my scalp to stop hormonal hair loss, on my face, neck, decolletage and hands for anti aging and more recently for nanoneedling. This is an amazing versatile pen. No more salon treatments for me!!!

Dr. Pen X5
Julie Price

Great professional grade micro needling great professional grade pen, bought this after leaving the beauty industry but missed doing my own treatments Do recommend insuring your skin is sanitised before and using gloves during treatment, less is more dont fell like you need to go straight to 2.5mm for results. If you haven't needled before definitely look up some tutorials these are professional pens and need to be used as so. Also cartridges are single use, needles will dull after one use and will cause micro tears and contamination if you continue to reuse one, invest in the extra needles and the serums for glide. Highly recommend

Dr. Pen A6
Sally Stock

This little gadget is fabulous, I have used it twice now the first time just along my hair line to test it and the second all over my face neck and chest, setting at 1.5 I was quite red for a couple of hours then it settled, next day just a few spots over my face but nothing seriously noticeable. Cant wait to see the results in a week or 2. For me it wasn't at all painful anywhere and I did not use numbing cream, just thoroughly cleansed my face prior and then wiped over with a mild alcohol solution.. After the treatment I wiped my face with hydrogen peroxide and left it for 24hrs before applying hyuloronic serum and then moisturizer, skin feels a little tight and dry, But looks fresh and feels soft.. Don't hesitate...Buy one, you won't regret it!!!!.

Dr. Pen A6
Heather Waters
Love the glow in my skin couple of days after the first use.

I bought this pen without having too much expectation. I really want to try microneedling. Next few days my skin was sensitive, red and dry. but after couple of days I started peeling like almost sunburn. After shedding the old skin, my new skin was glowing and feeling fresh

Dr. Pen M8
Lynsey Mccall

Awesome pen, I’m new to micro needling and I’m enjoying the results so far! ( 2 times so far) Amazingly fast shipping and can only say that customer service/ questions were answered quickly. Would highly recommend dr pen UK 😊

Dr. Pen X5
Julie Bingham

I’m am totally in love with this pen , it does exactly the same asfor my skin as the machine my beautician uses & I can do it myself at home . Well done Dr Pen & thank you for this amazing product

I'm 52 years old and have been going to an esthetician for years getting microneedling done professionally so I was a little bit nervous about buying the pen at first. I watched a lot of great videos on YouTube by estheticians who loved it, so I took a leap and purchased. I'm absolutely in love with the product! It's extremely easy to use and my skin is glowing! I highly recommend!! PS- I also highly recommend using lidocaine and hyaluronic acid with the pen

Dr. Pen X5
Kerry Hume
5 STARS! 👏🏽

I am sooooo impressed with this lil’ gadget. Oh the money I will save now being able todo my treatments from home! Super user friendly! Very happy with my purchase! Can’t wait to use again!

Dr. Pen M8
Christine Frater

I struggled with severe acne as a teen, which now means I struggle with Acne scarring. I have used different dermarollers previously and they have helped. However I was amazed with the results I had, in just one session of using the M8! So so happy with the product and so worth the price tag. 5 stars for customer service, 5 stars for delivery and 5 stars for product! Thank you so much :)

Dr. Pen A6
Gemma Holmes

I recently purchased the A6 due to lockdown restrictions in Melbourne and my inability to visit a clinic. I'm pleasantly surprised with the product! The pen works wonderfully, just as good as a salon treatment. Results are already showing after 1 week. Be sure to cake on the numbing cream! :)

This pen is super nice and you can control the depth easy. I really am happy I decided to buy it. I’m 46 and the first go at it, my skin is definitely improved. Looking forward to putting in a few more sessions over the next months.